At least Metro Playoff Fever managed to last two games

Holy CRAP, did Kansas City ever tune up New England in the Open Cup this week. Although I think it's still not the real Open Cup yet, but play-in games. You know, I kind of had the feeling that we weren't getting a sense of the real KC so far, and it wouldn't surprise me if once the Wizards (shut up) get settled in their new home, we see a serious rise from - hm?

Okay, I don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Revs, but Nicol's won this tournament before, and I don't think he would -

- ya know, maybe it is time we rethought how we schedule the Open Cup qualifiers. I expect this from New England in CONCACAF, but not in the LHUSOC. That's some Bruce Arena level tanking right there.

Anyway, you can get all your Open Cup updates - or, as I like to call them, "Cupdates" - at

Yeah, like hell you can. The last update was in February. They don't even have a bracket. They don't even have a list of participants. Clicking on the tags at the end of the February article gets you "There were no results matching your search" - for both 2011, and historically.

I realize that Sunil is busy working with Chuck Blazer to overthrow Jack Warner, but this is seriously substandard. Yes, everyone in the know goes to TheCup.usanyway, but that isn't the freaking point. All the history and heritage of the US Open Cup, and this is how Soccer House treats it.

Why shouldn't MLS teams tank this thing? It's like the USSF is daring fans to care about this. It's a miracle this tournament has lasted this long. I mean, the Nutrilite Canadian Championships are a pitiful excuse to stand out in the rain, and they can get their own federation to pay attention.

Seattle, keep on winning this tournament. It's the only damn way we'll ever hear about it.

Anyway. Who had "less than a day" in the pool for how long before Chivas USA would give up the all-California idea? Oh, really. Everyone.

Well, everyone aside from Simon Borg, who at least thought he'd have time to make this remotely relevant.

Although it is useful to show exactly how little thought Chivas USA put into this. Out of Borg's starters, Donovan and Franklin play for the Galaxy, and CUSA rejected both Zizzo and Feilhaber this season.

So little groundwork was laid for this particular marketing fizzle, in fact, that one might conclude the purpose of all this was to provide an excuse as to why there would be no big signing this summer, despite what was said after the Feilhaber rejection.

But at least we can say that with Guadalajara in its offseason that Vergara is finally going to pay attention to his investment in MLS oh, perhaps not so much.

What on earth is the point of Chivas USA.