Take That, Dan Loney!

Just in case you missed it:

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdK3iL6-WLQ&feature=player_embedded"]YouTube - LA Galaxy vs Sporting KC 4-1 GOAL David Beckham[/ame]

In England, some commenters are calling it "one of his best ever".

Yeah, yeah, the Gals were already up by two, moments like this have been few and far between lately and he didn't pick up a lunch tab once.

None of that takes away from the fact that while the term "World Class" gets tossed around like a dwarf in an Australian bar, in this case it's completely apt.

The mystery here is just what the hell SKCs' GK Eric Kronberg is so pissed off about.

Iker Casillas wouldn't have stopped it. Neither would Edwin Van der Saar. The immortal Eric Kronberg really doesn't need to be so upset.

The difference is that neither of them would have hopped up screaming at Davy Arnaud (I guess that's who he's pissed off at) for some imagined failure to grow two feet taller and put his face in front of it. Or something.

(To be fair, it's also possible that Kronberg was screaming at the official about something although having watched the replay several times I don't see any grounds for complaint there either.)

In any case, not to in any way denigrate the wonderfulness that is Eric Kronberg, but I'm willing to bet that 30 years from now he'll still be boring strangers in hotel bars with the story about David Beckham going upper 90 on him.

It's kind of like having Mohammed Ali punch you in the mouth; the only thing you'd want to do is hand him a Sharpie and ask him to autograph your face.