Sunil Gulati Explains It All

In case there was some question in your mind about where USSF President Sunil Gulati stands on the issues surrounding the way CONCACAF is run, a Reuters soccer writer has cleared it up nicely for us:

In Port of Spain to cover the Confederation Congress, he found that, unlike the other confederations - and FIFA itself - reporters were completely banned from the hall for the duration of the session.

They were even banned from the brief opening ceremony which they had been told they could attend but, 24 hours before the event, CONCACAF suddenly reversed themselves and announced that even that would be closed to the press.

He also had little luck getting delegates - normally a chatty bunch - to talk with him on the record about anything that went on during the meeting.

He did however manage to buttonhole President Gulati for a brief moment, and he asked him how he felt about Warners' demand that CONCACAF vote as a block and just how strong support was for Sepp Blatter.

Gulatis' response, before he vanished into an elevator:

“You’d have to ask Jack about that, I know what we are doing”.

So there you have it. If you want to know what Sunil Gulati thinks, "ask Jack". No sense going to a middleman when you can go to the source.

Still, it's comforting to hear Gulati assure us that he "know(s) what we are doing", meaning I guess that Warner allows him to sit in the room as long as he keeps quiet.

A proud moment for the USSF if ever there was one: our President is too afraid of Jack Warner to even express an opinion. Three cheers for the Red White and Blue.

As you know, Warner decided not to hold a farcical, ludicrous mockery of a vote on who to support in the June 1 FIFA election until they can hear from Mohammad Bin Hammam. Now he intends to stage the facical, ludicrous mockery of a vote in Zurich on the day before the FIFA cangress.

So Bin Hammam dutifully flew into T&T yesterday and is meetng with some of CONCACAF, although World Football Insider reports that only about 2/3 of the members are attending as if it made the slightest bit of difference.

OTHER REPORTS indicate that only the CFU will be in attendance, which makes sense since most of those clowns don't have anything better to do anyway.

For his part, Sepp Blatter - the one guy who wasn't busy ducking the media in Miami - made it clear what Jack Warner is telling him regarding CONCACAFs' support,, explaining to reporters:

“When you get the message you don’t need to campaign and (are told) to use your time to go somewhere else – you cannot be more clear”.

And as if the FIFA circus had not already reached almost bizarre levels of surrealness (is that a word? Well it ought to be) The Sunday Times in England reported over the weekend that Nicolas Leoz, the Paraguayan who has been President of CONMEBAL since right after Noahs' Ark finally hit dry land, told Prince William the price of his vote for England 2018 was a British knighthood.

A CONMEBOL spokesman issued a denial yesterday, saying that in fact it was William who tried to bribe him with an offer of an invitation to his wedding.

A Royal family spokesman says that just ain't so.

All of this may be cleared up a bit today when former FA President Richard Triesman testifies before a committee in Parliament regarding the whole sordid bidding process.

You'll recall that Triesman was the guy who was trying to get into some doxies' pants by impressing her with his inside knowledge of FIFA vote swapping and was forced to resign because of it.

He clearly knows where some bodies are buried, although at this point his testimony may center around the news that the England bid committee apparently used public funds to hire a private detective agency to spy on the activities of the other bidders.

Meanwhile in Zurich, one of the Potemkin Village Initiatives which Blatter has been feverishly promoting prior to next months' vote (and which will quickly be forgotten as soon as it's over) got off to a somewhat rocky start when the Task Force stuffed with famous footballing names which has been tasked with recommending ways to "improve the game" held it's first official meeting and Pele, Bobby Charlton and Franz Beckenbauer didn't even bother to show up.

However it all turns out, there's really only one important thing to remember:

If you want to know what Sunil Gulatis' opinion is about all of this, just "Ask Jack".