Another Week, Another Catastrophic Injury

This time it's RSL's Javier Morales, probably the best playmaker currently upright in MLS, who's on the way to the hospital as we speak.

Leg trashed, season over, career in jeopardy.

Those of us who hoped the Mullan suspension would make the point were obviously mistaken as Chivas forward Marcos Mondani destroys a season.

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As if we needed to hear it, the "preliminary report" says he has a dislocated fracture, but you don't have to be Gregory House to know that already.

Even on TV you could see that the foot was at a 45 degree angle to the rest of the leg. Frightening.

Intentional? What does that even mean any more? If you don't have the skill to pull off a tackle without crippling somebody then you need to find a new line of work.

Starting tomorrow.