The Pau$e that Refre$hes

It was a blistering 60 degrees at gametime last night at the Azul

I understand it when it is late afternoon in Tuxtla Gutierrez, or Torreon. It gets blazing hot in Mexico City occasionally and Monterrey has already seen the century mark (it gets Laredo’s weather). If the two captains and the ref come to an accord, FMF grants players a “refreshment break” to get rehydrated, usually after 25 minutes each half. The health of the players is what’s important, right?

The high yesterday in Guadalajara was 82. It was 62 in Mexico City with rain. The first of the liguilla’s ties were played at night in those cities.

And there they were, after 25 minutes, trotting to the sidelines for their “rehydration break.” Wow, FMF really has the best interests of the players in mind, right?

Reports and tweets out of Mexico, though, state that the TV channels aired commercials. COMMERCIALS during the water break. The decision to have water breaks was supposed to be up to both captains and the ref. I guess not when there is money to be made.

The worst part about it is that the “breaks” put a screeching halt to any rhythm and momentum the games had, particularly in the Cruz Azul-Atlante night cap. So once again, FMF put their coinlust ahead of the integrity of the sport they hold so dear (so they can fleece away).

Is nothing sacred? No, not really. Surprising? No chance. This is, after all, the same organization that wants you to associate them with diarrhea.