Down Goes Davies

Without further ado, here's the controversial penalty call from last nights' DCU - Galaxy match.

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I think the best that can be said here is that it was certainly a "courageous" call by referee Abiodun Okulaja to point to the spot in the 90th minute on a foul that questionable.

For his part, defender Omar Gonzalez didn't do much of anything that every defender doesn't do 20 times a game. If it's technically a foul, fine; then you'd better call it the other 19 times when it's not in the area.

If not, then for Okulaja to whistle it this one particular time is not defensible. It's just bad game management.

Davies also, sadly, does what you're supposed to do in that situation: go to ground. I'm not going to criticize him for it; it was the smart thing to do.

The only question here is whether Davies could have kept his feet if he had chosen to.

Unfortunately, we're not going to see the clip we wish we were seeing this morning: the one where Davies fights through a little contact and scores a goal.

Sans that, I'm afraid all this "WOOO HOO!!! CHARLIE DAVIES IS BACK, BABY!!!!!" babble is mostly nonsense.

Show me Davies taking on Omar Gonzalez and beating him cold and I'll wave a flag too.

In the meantime, all this shows is that Davies hasn't forgotten how the game works.