Domingo de Clasicos

The all-ardido grudge match that is “el super clasico” is coming up this weekend as America will make its first visit to the Omnilife in Guadalajara (Sunday, 6:00PM CDT, Tele).

Even money on the probability that the stands will not be filled.

The chances are higher that these two might exchange shirts at the full whistle than a full house at Jorge Vergara’s new digs.

Both teams come into the game with more than reasonable chances to make the post season. America has undergone a transformation with one of their legends, Carlos Reinoso at the helm. He has brought back the stylish, offensive football that so many in the americanismo crave. Unfortunately, this attacking style has put a lot more pressure on an already brittle defense. No clearer example of this current dichotomy was evidenced than the last time out, when America came within a whisker of blowing a huge lead vs. Puebla last weekend. They hung on, 5-4.

Chivas has been steady, but not spectacular this season, as they try to incorporate more and more players from their youth system into the fold. They have only lost twice, but have only won 4 times with 6 ties. They have tried all season to replace the goal scorer who moved on to Old Trafford, and may have unearthed one from their youth ranks. 18 year-old Erick “el cubo” Torres leads the team with 5 goals.

A lovely undercard for the semi-annual ardido-off is another clasico. And this one hasn’t been this big since the late 70’s. Tuca Ferretti, who won championships as a player and a coach at Pumas, brings his Tigres to the Olimpico in Mexico City to face off vs. his former team (Sunday, 12:00PM CDT, Tele).

The top two teams in the league will meet in the clasico universitario; named as such because both teams are affiliated (loosely, now) with two of the most important universities in Mexico: Mexico City’s UNAM, and Monterrey’s UANL.

If we could only get the Universidad back in the top flight. Their unis alone demand first division status.

Pumas finally fell off the undefeated wagon with a forgettable performance in the Chiapan jungle. Tuca has brought his ultra-conservative approach to the game to Tigres. His teams don’t score a lot of goals, but they give up much, much less. They have only been breached 5 times. It’s not pretty, but very effective. Expect more of the same on Sunday.

And in the Ominilife, there might be a goal or two, or three.

The Pumas game, the Masters 4th round, and Chivas-America? That's a pretty decent domingo. Throw in some carnitas, and I may not leave the couch.