Garber to TFC: Tear Down That Door

MLS Commissioner Don Garber has told Toronto FC that they can't keep the media out of their post game locker room.

A CANADIAN PRESS REPORT quotes Garber as saying:

"We recognize that many coaches come from a European environment where there's less access to the locker-rooms because that's the culture.

"Well, that's not the culture that exists in North American sport.

"One of the great aspects of our industry is the symbiotic relationship that exists between the media and pro sports teams. It's a partnership, together, to grow the game.

"Aron Winter came into this with a European background. I think he's going to be a great coach and a participant in helping to grow the game in Canada. And I'm sure Aron will be letting the media into their locker-room.

"You can't create rules that work for one team and not the other or one coach and not the other. Rules are rules."

Thus sayeth The Don.