No Sure Things in Mexican Futbol

Mexican futbol, like most of the leagues around the world, took the week off during the international break. It was a great respite for the league, particularly those teams that are positioning themselves for deep runs in the post season.

The top three teams, Pumas, Morelia, and Cruz Azul had put a decent amount of distance among them and the rest of the league. To make things better, the schedule called for these teams to play the bottom three teams in the league, Chiapas, Pachuca, and Santos. Wins would virtually assure them all of qualification.

Chiapas’ struggles stemmed from lack of depth. They just don’t have the roster to play two tournaments, and a rash of injuries didn’t help. The rigors of playing midweek on another continent caught up to them quickly. Pachuca’s offense has virtually disappeared, and Santos? Well Santos changed horses mid-stream and had yet to get out of the deep end.

The W bubbles were all penciled in on the quinielas. The top 3 teams were primed to reassert their dominance over the league. Victory was all but certain.

And then they played the games. It wasn’t even close. The bottom 3 teams wiped the floor with the table toppers, outscoring them 9-2.

Jaguares did away with Pumas Unbeaten record with a resounding 3-1 thumping. Pachuca’s offense shook the eye boogers off and blasted Morelia 3-1. Santos won its first game under their new coach, Diego Cocca (who dresses like he has table service waiting for him at some hot new club after the game), taking out Cruz Azul 3-0.

Where's the party, Diego?

Throw that quiniela away. Anyone that us crazy enough to bet on this league probably had Butler in the championship game on their bracket.

Welcome to the wild and wooly Mexican futbol league, where the only certainty is that nothing is certain.