Reports of Ochoa's Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

I was always amazed how quickly TV channels would have a retrospective up after some famous person died. Some of those pieces took a lot of work and a lot of time, yet they rolled within hours of said person’s passing.

And then I found out that they usually have these in the can way before, in anticipation of the eventual succumbing.

It kinda reminds me of how the Mexican media was at the ready to trash Memo Ochoa after Mexico’s 1-1 draw vs Venezuela.

Any goal scored would have been Memo's fault, regardless of how it made it past him. The vote was in, and it was almost unanimous. Memo's error was egregious, calamitous, and catastrophic. It was front page news, surely trying to perpetuate the end of Ochoa as the national team GK.

Did he err on the play? Sure he did, but he wasn't the only one. Edgar Dueñas let his man have a free run to the ball. Aldo de Nigris just watched the ball float over his head. And Memo was a step slow to react.

But to pin it all on Ochoa is not correct.

Lost in the argument is the fact that the cross and the header itself were inch perfect. But why let the facts get in the way of a hatchet job?

For some reason, the media have held Memo to a very rigid standard, and they been painting his error as if it was worse than this:

[ame=""]Miguel Marin[/ame]

Or this:

[ame=""]Oswaldo Sanchez[/ame]

There is no denying that Ochoa has been in a slump for the better part of a year. He probably will not be tending goal at the Gold Cup this summer, and he may not even mind the nets at Copa America. But that can be attributed as much to the fact that other keepers have stepped up during his skid. Even in a down cycle, Ochoa is still a top 4 keeper in Mexican futbol.

Few keepers in Mexico have as much experience. And he is still only 25, which is a relative babe in the goal-keeping world.

Perhaps a change of scenery after this season will do wonders for Ochoa. So would a two week stint this July in Argentina.