Who does Hobbit have to... Well, He Deserves a Shot

Christian "El Hobbit" Bermudez has done more than enough to merit a call-up

It’s not the size of the dog, but the size of the fight yadda yadda yadda. Far be it from me to start of a piece with a clichéd sports quote. I try to avoid them, believe it or not. Besides, if I am going to use a sports quote, I usually don’t stem far from Darrell Royal. I just saw this one this morning:

“The majority of people pull for the underdog. Heck, even your friends don’t like you to be too successful. We’ve lost enough over the years for me to maintain my friendships.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to have a quote that was appropriate for the current plight of one Christian Bermudez.

After navigating through a gauntlet of obstacles and pratfalls, it appears that the film version of The Hobbit has finally been green lighted for cameras to finally start rolling. If only "El Hobbit" had it so easy.

He plays for a forgotten team in a relative back water town (as far as futbol goes), which is sad to say for one Mexico’s oldest clubs, Atlante. Bermudez has become the heart and sole of the squad – their best player by far. All el Hobbit has done is hoist the team on his back, carry them to safety from the fringes of relegation, and put them squarely in the liguilla hunt. Did I mention that his seven goals are also tied for the league lead?

Yet the phone doesn’t ring. And it hasn’t rung since 2008. And all El Hobbit has done is get better and better.

He is 5’2”. But that shouldn’t matter. This is Mexico we are talking about after all. And this ain’t basketball either.

Chepo de la Torre, like all coaches before him, has stated that they will call up guys that are in their moment. Few players have been in better moments than El Hobbit over the past few years. And no coach has rightly rewarded Bermudez with what he richly deserves. Even after Elias Hernandez went down injured, preventing National team Duty this week, Chepo opted for the on again, off again Nestor “el avion” Calderon to take the spot. Bermudez plays the same position as Hernandez - right midfield. Calderon plays on the left.

That must have a pretty powerful fart that Hobbit dropped in the halls of FMF during his one and only call up.

Mexico does have two tournaments to play this summer, and if Hobbit does not take any of the 40 outfield spots, then a lot of questions will be asked why he was left out. Again. None of which will be “What’s in my pocket?”