I met Huss!!

It is SXSW week in Austin right now. You can’t throw your empty Shiner Bock cup without hitting one of the many hipsters, both tragic and otherwise, who have descended on the City of the Violet Crown. It’s time for the Film and Music portion of the show, but the Interactive portion of the festivities may well have become the bigger draw.

One of the attendees was a person whom I have met through e-mails, live chat, and private messages. We have even become facebook friends – my twenty first century colleague (would that be a new colleague?). But yesterday I finally got to meet him, the old fashioned, analog way. Face to face.

Carne y hueso.

That person was Huss.

It’s a cliché, I know, but I picked him up on 6th street before we headed to one of my favorite haunts: the Dog and Duck pub. The Dog and Duck has always been a favorite of mine, and it is the unofficial post-game hangout for the production types after we all have worked the UT football games. It has decent pub grub and a great selection of adult beverages. No, we did not enjoy the Shiner Bock, but another local delicacy, Fireman’s 4 (which coincidentally I serve when I volunteer for Eeyore’s birthday every year. You Austinites come and say hello, and I will make it worth your while).

It was a nice visit. We did not come to blows over the Mexico-US rivalry. And even the knowledge that he is Giants fan won’t change my opinion of him. All that much.

I have Huss to thank for a lot things. Granting me the opportunity to blog for y’all is nice, but I am more appreciative to be part of this community. We are all very passionate supporters of this simple game, and I have had a ton of fun sharing my thoughts and reading those of others since I joined 5 years ago.

So thanks, again, Huss. Next time the cold ones are on me.