Gold Cup Schedule Released

CONCACAF released their Gold Cup Schedule today. It was very reminiscent of how the confederation released the pairings for the Concachampions. In other words, no draw. At least not one that the organizers wanted to share with the public. A little transparency would have been nice.

I hope Mexican players have a frequent flier account. If they make it all the way to the final, they will have logged a litle over 5,000 miles for the trips to the six cities in which they would play. The USA will log over 5,600 miles if they make it to the final.

But the grand prize winner for most miles traveled (if they make it to the final) would be the Group B winner, who would have to travel from LA to Miami, to NY/NJ, DC, Houston, and then back to LA. A grand total of 6,200 miles.

Here are the groups and schedule