Am I sitting on a "Bob the Builder" headline? But of course

Captain No Follow-Up strikes again - I forgot to talk about the other ballots in the Hall of Fame voting, this time for the Builders and Veterans.

One thing that always makes me drag out my soapbox is how one judges Veterans. The most rational way is to compare peers with peers. The only way to make sense in judging players across generations is to make the assumption that a player who attained the peak of his profession in one era would have been a star in any generation. It never made sense to me to assume that the training, nutritional, equipment and other variations from one generation to another should affect these comparisons. That's like saying if Joe Gaetjens were playing for the Red Bulls, he'd also be washing dishes during the week. If Frank Borghi were playing today, he'd be Tim Howard...or better.

(If this were a basketball website, this would be where I point out that not only is Bill Simmons' book sexist slop, but moronic slop as well.)

With this in mind, let us consider this year's
Veterans ballot.

No, no, I don't know who that is, no, hell no, no, yes, yes, yes, no.

Am I ruling out Cantillo simply because I've never heard of him? Of course not - no more than I should necessarily be ashamed that I had never heard of him. The Soccer Hall of Fame is meant to grant fame as well as honor it, especially in a nation whose soccer history is as shrouded as ours. Humble yet eager in my pursuit of knowledge, I look up his Wikipedia page.

...okay, that rules him out.

Here's the voting from last year, in case you were curious:

So it looks like it will be Mooch. Who, since we seem to be taking into account his coaching, should probably go in as a Builder. I don't think it's necessarily speaking ill of the dead to point out that he was not, in fact, a major NASL star. But, to make up for it, here's a link with him in some cool old Portland and Tampa uniforms.

Now THAT's the Sport of the Eighties!

Speaking of the Builders:

Bill Archer has very, very strong feelings about most of these guys in one direction or the other. If you're hoping to spot trends in voting, here was the result of the last vote, which Bruce Arena ran away with:

Looks like nobody is your odds-on favorite, to be honest. The legions of Don Garber-haters have their triumph already. There are forty-two votes up for grabs, so maybe somebody makes a huge comeback. But if Bob Gansler makes it, how do we keep out Bora? (And we need to keep out Bora.)