Idiot Footballers #2: Bryan Carrasco

Most of the players who went to participate in the South American Youth Championship (a tournament for Under-20’s) were hoping to get noticed. Most players would hope that this might mean more starts for their current club, or even a move to a bigger club, maybe even a foreign club. Sadly, for most of the players, it won’t happen.

Chile’s Bryan Carrasco has succeeded, where most did not. He has got the world’s attention. However, the full-back has not got attention for his good defensive play, his reading of the game or his ability to start attacking moves off. He hasn’t even got attention for the goals he scored in the tournament. Carrasco has gained attention for a despicable piece of cheating.

It was the final game of Chile’s campaign. Qualification for the Olympics was no longer achievable, but qualifying for the next Under-20 World Cup was still in their sights. All they had to do was beat Ecuador and they would qualify, at the expense of their opponents.

It was late in the game and Chile was trailing 1-0. Ecuador had a throw-in in an attacking position. In a desperate attempt to get an opponent sent off, Carrasco grabbed the arm of Ecuador’s Edson Motano, and hit himself in the face with it.

Amazingly, it almost worked. The referee gave Chile a free-kick, so Carrasco succeeded in stopping Ecuador’s attack. Luckily for Motano and the integrity of football, the referee didn’t take any further action. Chile went on to lose the match and will not qualify for the next World Cup. Thankfully in this case, the cheats didn't prosper.

[ame=""]YouTube - Player hits himself with arm of opponent[/ame]

Now this might be funny to some people, the commentators certainly found it amusing. But this is exactly the type of behaviour that the football authorities should come down hard on.

For far too long has, those in charge of the game have not done anything decisive about players who dive, feign injury and generally cheat. This is a prime example of the kind of behaviour that football needs to eradicate.

I’m unsure of what punishment, if any, was administered to Carrasco. I hope it was a lengthy ban, as that’s what he deserves.