Top Ten Overhead goals!

In case you’ve not seen it Wayne Rooney scored this goal in the Manchester Derby this weekend.

[ame=""]YouTube - Wayne Rooney overhead kick Goal Feb 12, 2011[/ame]

This goal has had journalists all over Britain rushing to declare that ‘Rooney is back’ (he isn’t, his performance was terrible) and that his goal was the’ best goal ever’ etc.etc.
Well, Rooney’s goal, while superb, is not anywhere near the best goal ever. It’s not even close to being the best overhead goal ever (anyone else apart from me think he shinned it?).

Here are my personal top ten overhead goals.

10) Michele Di Piedi (Sheffield Wednesday v Sunderland)

Di Piedi looked for a while like being the next exciting Italian player to play for Wednesday. His carerr was hampered by injury and never really took off. He will be remembered by Owls fans for this beauty against Sunderland in the League Cup. (Ignore the first goal,
couldn’t find a video of this goal without it!)

[ame=""]YouTube - Michele di Piedi - Sheffield Wednesday[/ame]

9) Mauro Bressan (Fiorentina v Barcelona)

Bressan only played in three Champions League games for La Viola, but one of them was the 3-3 draw against Barca, where Bressan scored this 25-yard overhead kick.

[ame=""]YouTube - Mauro Bressan goal in Uefa Champions League[/ame]

8) Ronaldinho (Barcelona v Villareal)

It looks as though Ronaldinho has made a mess of things with a poor first touch but improvises brilliantly to score this excellent goal.

[ame=""]YouTube - Ronaldinho overhead kick against Villareal[/ame]

7) Youri Djorkaeff (Inter v Roma)

Maybe not as spectacular as some of the others on my list, but Djorkaeff gets extra points for both the power he gets on the ball and the tight angle he has to work with.

[ame=""]YouTube - Youri Djorkaeff magic goal[/ame]

6) Benito Carbone (Newcastle vs Sheffield Wednesday)

Another Sheff Wed player! One-time fans favourite Carbone had a habit of scoring some spectacular goals. I love his chest control for this goal as he executes it perfectly, then flicks the ball up and hits the volley perfectly past the despairing dive of the goalie.

[ame=""]YouTube - Benito Carbone Newcastle United v Sheffield Wednesday Sheff Wed[/ame]

5) Luis Tejada (Panama v Mexico)

This is an amazing goal from a World Cup Qualifier in 2005. Tejada takes three touches to set himself, then unleashes an unstoppable volley.

[ame=""]YouTube - Chilena de Tejada[/ame]

4) Muzzy Izzet (Grimsby Town v Leicester City)

Izzet didn’t score too many goals, but this one against Grimsby is fantastic. This goal was so good that it apparently had the home fans on their feet applauding.

[ame=""]YouTube - muzzy izzet[/ame]

3) Rivaldo (Barcelona v Valencia)
This is an exquisite goal that came on the last game of the season against Valencia. This goal secured the win that secured Barcelona’s qualification for the next season’s Champions League so in terms of importance this has placed high on my list. Check out the perfectly weighted chip pass from Frank De Boer to set him up.

[ame=""]YouTube - Rivaldo vs Valencia CF[/ame]

2) Manuel Negrete (UNAM v Pueblo)
This is an outstanding goal. Negrete controls it with his chest, flicks it up with his thigh, sets himself with a little touch with his head then smashes one into the goal. Brilliant.

[ame=""]YouTube - Best goal ever!!! Manuel Negrete from México[/ame]

1) Trevor Sinclair (QPR v Barnsley)

This is the goal that has become synonymous with overhead kicks. QPR get a bit lucky when a Barnsley defender stands on the ball in the build-up and it’s a cross that’s hit more in hope than expectation, but Sinclair catches it perfectly and it goes in like a rocket. I love the Barnsley fans berating their team after the goal. Don’t know what they thought could be done as there was no stopping that!

[ame=""]YouTube - Trevor Sinclair Goal[/ame]

Of course none of the goals above can compare to the goal so good that even the nazi's had to applaud. Of course I mean Pele's goal from Escape to Victory, or as my friend once called it, escape FROM victory (his version ended with the team running back into the POW camp!)

[ame=""]YouTube - pele over head kick escape to victory[/ame]