Gio gets the Jump-start he wanted at Racing

A week ago, we discussed how both Gio and Carlos Vela were at an early crossroads. Carlos Vela was loaned to West Bromwich Albion with the full support of his coach, Arsene Wenger. He saw his first action with the Baggies earlier in the week.

A humbled, more mature Giovani Dos Santos was presented yesterday at his new club, Racing Santander. He went over on loan with a buy option at the end of the term. Regardless at how he does at the Sardinero, it would be a pretty safe bet that he won’t be playing at White Hart Lane again.

I have been to enough press conferences where coaches and players both spend a lot time flapping their lips without ever saying anything. So it was very refreshing, to hear Giovani answer questions honestly and frankly in an interview with a Spanish radio station.

Gio has grown up, but The fact is he has no one to blame for his three years of misery at Tottenham. A victim of circumstance, yes, but he never helped himself to earn playing time, at least in harry Redknapp’s eyes. Besides, Tottenham has been doing very well without him.

But given the opportunity to leave them for good (and play for the coach who brought him to Tottenham in the first place), Giovani passed on playing for Juande Ramos for Dnipro in the Ukrainian league, hoping a more palatable offer come along.

He said he learned to make better decisions, and holding out for a chance to go back to La Liga bore fruit. He is even in the line-up for Racing’s game this weekend. And it also looks like he’ll be in Atlanta next week for Mexico’s friendly against Bosnia-Herzegovina.

I have made no secret of the fact that I am a big fan of the young Mr. Dos Santos. When he is at his best, he provides an offensive dynamic that is seldom seen in Mexican players. Now he has been given the opportunity to jump start his career in a league that is better suited to his game.

"This is an extremely important opportunity that I have to take advantage of. I am in a place in my life where I am completely focused on the game. I am here to work and succeed."

Suerte, Gio.