If the Galaxy had kept Kovalenko, I could have titled this "Angel and Dema."

Some jackoff, a couple of days ago:

I'll bet that guy feels pretty god-damned stupid today:

Boy, if there's one thing that pisses me off, it's some monkey with a keyboard spouting off without having Clue One.

And rather than apologize for being so wrong, the guy actually kept at it! Doesn't he ever get tired of being wrong?

Sorry, I have to interrupt this guy's rantings for a second. Did you see this?! Victor Estupiñán's gonna break the MLS single-season goal-scoring record in his first year! And he's got "Chivas in his blood" - well, of course, what young Ecuadorean player doesn't? I think I have a new favorite player.

Okay, back to the idiot's ramblings.

God! The lengths some people go to rather than admit they were wrong! There's no hope for some people.