America's Hat v. Invader Zim

So it's a two-nation race to host the 2015 Women's World Cup between Canada and Zimbabwe. And, frankly, there is no choice here. It has to be Zimbabwe.

What did Sepp Blatter say when Russia and Qatar won?

So South Africa just hosted the men's World Cup. It's not like Zimbabwe has been hosting a hell of a lot of tournaments, especially women's soccer tournaments.

Infrastructure isn't a problem, either. Not according to one of the winning bids for the MWC:

And, according to Blatter, the West has gotten it all its own way lately, and FIFA is leading the change.

Zimbabwe amply qualifies as a non-Western country that could, well, use a chance for a change. I mean, they have unlimited potential, considering they're starting from zero.

Will human rights be an issue? Not to FIFA:

"They" in this case being gay people, who probably wouldn't enjoy Zimbabwe any more than Qatar - but hey, don't have sex, how hard is that?

There can be only one choice for the '15 Women's World Cup. Well, unless Sepp Blatter and FIFA's Executive Committee suddenly decide to apply different standards for this bid than for the men's World Cup.

Perish the ********ing thought.

Meanwhile, closer to home, CONCACAF is going to lobby for a fourth World Cup spot.

Interesting. On the other hand, objective reality.

Here's where Brian Straus may be wrong, though.

....unless Warner actually helped deliver the World Cup to Russia and/or Qatar, of course. In which case, he's a very powerful man indeed, and he is now asking payment for services rendered.

If CONCACAF gets its fourth spot, we'll know why. And it wasn't because the US won Group C.