Welcome to Baltimore, Where there is No Crime

Good morning and welcome to the Baltimore Maryland Convention Center where today will feature the taping of the 2011 Akron University Soccer Recruiting Video.

The Timbers staff was first in and there's already a huge pile of papers and notebooks spread around like a dorm room during finals week.

Which, come to think of it, it is.

I had a nice chat with Ives Galarcep. I didn't talk to Steven Goff, however. One doesn't speak to Steven. One waits to be spoken to.

While I was checking in I heard a loud commotion andd looked up to see Cobi Jones pounding a table and demanding that the league officials give him access to "The Cosmos Table" and insisting that he was the new "Big Poobah of Soccer and Stuff Like That" for the team.

Fortunately, just when it appeared that he was going completely postal on the staff, someone produced a small shiny object and tossed it down the hall.

Cobi squealed with glee and ran off after it.

MLS is nothing if not resourceful.

We're now in the middle of dueling supporters groups, DC and Philadelpphia.

For the life of me I can't figure out what either of them has to be happy about.

They seated the RedBulls group behind the DC United group. They don't look happy about that.