My Kingdom for a 4G Card

Impossible to get on line here. Sorry.

Catching up:


The Timbers almost broke their arms raising thier slip for the runner. There was no discussion.

So Nagbe is a no show. Figures.

Porter "accepts" for him.

Accepts WHAT, exactly? This isn't the Academy Awards for God's sake.

I'm beginning to suspect that nagbe doesn't actually exist.


DC cannot believe their luck. Olsen looks stunned.

Merry Christmas Benny.


They take each player over to a glass partition to have his picture taken using the crowd as a backdrop.

Valentin keeps glancing up at the big screen next to him whhere they're showing his highlights.


Surprises galore.

A bunch of teams are suddenly deep in discussions.

A whole bunch of talent that never figured to last is going to drop into the 10-15 range.

Columbus reaches for a defender.

Richie Williams has been in deep discussions with Crew TD Brian Bliss and we thought a trade was afoot since NYRB really wants a defender and Columbus really doesn't.

Mauceri is saying that there's not much attacking talent left.

Expect some head scratchers momentarily.

Well, besides the Crew talking a guy in Balchan who would have been available in round 3. Robert Warzycha simply can't draft.

Corey Hertzog can't last much longer.

Joe thinks NYRB will take combine sensation Demitirous Oomphoy

No, they go for Hertzog.

Oomphoy is out of Cal, maybe a good fit for the Quakes.

A lot of these guys look very odd in a suit.

Ben Olsen is by far the youngest guy at the DC table.

RSL and Chivas are trying to put something togather.

Timeout RSL

Scurrying about with league people. Must be looking for a ruling.

Hah. Got that right.

Stick around. You ain't gettin this kind of poop from Galarcep.

The consensus is that the Crew staff is clearly drunk.

They too a third rounder at #12 and then traded what is probably a starter for the 15th pick and used it on the guy they should have taken before.

I weep.

On the other hand, the crowd of DC fans behind me are laughing their asses off.

The player going to San Jose is Steven Lenhart.