The Golden Age has come to an end

Oh, an application for a press credential for the US friendly on the 22nd. This should be amusing.

Sounds promising!

They should be getting back to me about taking Sunil's job. On his watch, the men choked against Ghana twice, the women nearly choked qualifying, and worst of all, we blew two count 'em two World Cup hosting bids.

Anyway, one of the game's icons quit abruptly this week. No, not Roy Hodgson, you sexist pigs.

How best to describe Kristine Lilly's career? Well, there has never been a Women's World Cup without her - and apparently, she could have made it on this year's roster, too.

Lilly's superhuman endurance and fitness was her defining quality, which didn't make for great headlines or stirring highlights. I'm sure winning all those freaking games makes up for that somewhat, but it does make it hard to describe her contributions to future generations. (Here's Julie Foudy trying, and failing utterly.)

Where does the women's game go from here? Well...again, Lilly was popular, but she was the sort of player diehard fans loved, rather than someone who attracted new fans. Problem is, nobody's attracting new fans these days. Marta is probably the most dynamic, game-changing force of nature on any field in the world these days, and she's killed two WPS teams in two seasons. Meanwhile, Lilly's Boston Breakers increased attendance from the WPS inaugural season.

As for the national team - to be honest, I think Pia may spend the next few weeks trying to talk her out of retiring. The roster was in flux already, and having the world's most veteran player would have helped an awful lot.

Then again, it's possible that this summer will be the start of the Alex Morgan era. And it's time to stop living in the past, anyway. The 90's were great - er, as far as women's soccer was concerned - but they've been over for a while.

It's time that US Soccer realized that, and stopped coasting on the fumes of the Golden Generation. But Sunil Gulati apparently won't rest until soccer lays in ruins from coast to coast.

Hm? Why, yes, I would also like a free parking pass for the 22nd! Thanks for asking!