ESPN Flexes its Muscle in Mexico

There was an interesting announcement today. ESPN, the world-wide leader in world domination, announced that they will be producing stand-alone broadcasts of the upcoming clausura 2011 season.

They will be the first to break the broadcasting duopoly enjoyed y Televisa and Television Azteca. Since it is the teams, and not the league, that negotiate their own television contracts, this may have major implications down the road.

Just last year, Monterrey and Televisa were in a heated dispute that was resolved just before the post season. During the impasse, Monterrey had modest success broadcasting their home games online.

Could this mean that the death grip that the TV companies have on Mexican futbol might be loosening just a schosh? It needed to be a someone with a lot of muscle to make a move like this. ESPN has plenty of it.

The downside to this news is that we will now have to be exposed to more of ESPN's stable of negative nellies, headed by Mr. Personality himself, Jose Ramon Fernandez.

Definitely something to keep an eye on.