Seven Akron Starters to Enter MLS Superdraft, DeRo to Celtic, Draft to Include Foreign Signees

An Akron Beacon Journal blogger has reported that SEVEN MEMBERS OF THE AKRON UNIVERSITY NCAA CHAMPIONS will enter the MLS draft in two weeks.

Along with likely senior draftees midfielder Anthony Ampaipitakwong and defender Chris Korb, underclassmen Darlington Nagbe, Kofi Sarkodie, Michael Nanchoff, Zarek Valentin and Perry Kitchen have all signed Generation adidas contracts and will be available for selection on January 13.

I suppose it's too much to hope that Caleb Porter will say to hell with it and come along.

In coaching there's such a thing as timing and right now Porters' market value is pretty high.

Now, if he were to insert seven new field players and win the College Cup again in 2011 it would be time to start building statues to the man and finding a soft landing spot for Bob Bradley.

But that seems very unlikely although he does have a killer recruiting class coming in.

His stock is in the stratosphere right now. He'd be snapped up in a heartbeat.


Amid numerous media reports that Toronto FC superstar Dwayne DeRosario is in Scotland having a trial with Celtic comes word from the club that THEY KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT but that they intend to give him a call and get his side of the story.

Despite being Canadian and all of that, DeRo has never really seemed like a good fit with the management and ownership up there.

I'm just saying. They just don't seem to be on the same page most of the time.


In the now-usual back door fashion with which MLS lets us know stuff, THIS ARTICLE from the league website says very specifically that some foreign signees will be tossed into the Superdraft pot.

And there's still no official word on the report that there will be six rounds rather than four.

But what's the hurry - it's only about two weeks away.