If You Blinked, You Missed It

If a draft falls in the woods and nobody pays any attention, does it still make a loud thud?

The long-awaited, eagerly anticipated First Round of the MLS Re Entry Draft came and went today.

DC took Jar Jar Ngwenya. Columbus selected Aaron Holbein. Everybody else took the day off.

Not surprisingly, nobody wanted to take a flier on one of the high priced veterans. Holbein makes $40k while Ngwenya is contracted for the princely sum of $72k.

They both look like US Open Cup starters for sure.

Still, it's not surprising that those two teams are the ones grabbing at straws here.

DC has a distinct lack of talent and the Crew has a distinct lack of warm bodies, having cut or traded or seen expansion teams make off with most of their players.

The real question isn't whether these two players are going to make major contributions next year; they aren't.

Rather, the questions are:

- Who is it, exactly, who's running DC United and felt Ngwenya was something besides a waste of space?

- Whoever they are, would they please hire away the idiots running Columbus?