Suazo Earns Exalted Status

When Humberto “Chupete” Suazo joined Monterrey after the 2007 Copa America, my initial thought was that he was going to a black hole. Many a talented player had signed big money contracts to play for the two teams in La Sultana del Norte only to see them sloth their way into overplayed, overrated, and underperforming bags of water.

I told a Chilean friend of mine in Austin who was keen to go to Monterrey and watch Chupete in person to do it fast because Monterrey is the city where talent goes to die.

But Chupete didn’t let that happen to him. And thanks in large part to him, Rayados fans are celebrating their second league title in as many years. The Chilean international opened the scoring last night with a lethal worm burner in the first half, then sealed the victory with a run that left Santos defenders gasping in his wake and Oswaldo Sanchez slapping at air.

The 3-0 win also cemented Suazo as the best player in the Mexican League.

One would think that offers will start pouring in for his services. However, he was loaned out to Zaragoza last year and then subsequently was injured. The time off also affected his world cup campaign, in which he was largely ineffective. Zaragoza opted not to buy him, and he went back to Monterrey. Rayados were only too happy to make room for him on the squad. Even more amazing is that his return did not adversely affect team chemistry. “It makes me very happy to come back and become champions. I found the team exactly the same way as when I left.” He added.

Fully rested and recovered, it didn’t take Chupete long to regain the form he had displayed last year. 4 months and 15 goals later, he is a champion once again.