Chicharito Song is Good, but it Could Have Been Great

There was a song that made to the youtubes this week that caused a bit of sensation this week. The Red World army released the song “Chico is the man.” A nice little salsa-style dittie about our man Javier.

[ame=""]Chico is the man[/ame]

One little problem.

When I think of salsa and Mexico together, I get hungry and don’t necessarily think of music. The music is more Cuban than Mexican. And that’s fine.

But the Red World Army missed a huge opportunity here. Chicharito hails from Guadalajara, where mariachi music is the undisputed king.

And the best mariachi song in the world is


It would have been nice to hear a song that actually incorporates the music from the region where Javier is from. But I am a bit biased because I love Mariachi music.

So, with apoligies to composer Pepe Guizar, I present my own Chicharito song, to the tune of that immortal love letter to the Perla Tapatia.

Ay chicharito ay chicharito
Ay chicharito ay chicharito

Tienes el alma de un goleador
La metes con derechazos y cabezazos
eres mas rapido que todo el viento
y cuando saltas tocas el cielo
Ay chicharito ay chicharito
Ganas juegos con tus golazos

Ay ay ay
Ay ay ay