Definitely not Walking on Sunshine

Back in the summer of 2007, like most Mexico fans, I was in awe. We had witnessed a player display qualities that had seldom if ever been seen in a player wearing the green national team shirt. Nery Castillo burst onto the scene with a terrific Copa America. Finally, Mexico had a speedy player who could create his own chances, but better yet finish them.

Now he is the footie equivalent of Katrina and the Waves. A one hit wonder.

Bill spoke about the business of the sport earlier today. Add Nery Castilo to the list of unprotected players for the MLS Expansion Draft.

Will either expansion team take a chance on a player who last looked dangerous three years ago? Will the Fire protect him if another player is chosen first? Is MLS even an option?

There are plenty of teams in Mexico who could use some offensive help and have a long history of signing players whose best days were behind them. But even they might stay away.

Nery is definitely not walking on sunshine.