A Birthday Feast of Footie

What a terrific way to celebrate a birthday!

With all due respect to the US-Mexico rivalry, the best border clash on the planet is Brasil-Argentina. I’ve got that, then the US-South Africa, Spain-Portugal, and then the first day of the Mexican liguilla. Yummy!

Handicapping the Liguilla is almost impossible, but a good barometer is to see how teams have played coming in to the tournament.

San Luis has struggled down the stretch with a win, draw, and loss, while America has done very well, save their last day loss to Pumas. America should take it.

Monterrey started off as the best team in tournament but has cooled considerably since. They’ve dropped 3 of their last 4. Pachuca comes in with a three game winning streak. They will send Monterrey packing.

Niether Chiapas or Santos have any kind of real momentum, so this one is hard to guage. Santos should win, but Jaguares are going to make them work for it.

Cruz Azul have lost only once in 14 matches. Pumas has won two in a row, but won only once outside of the Olimpico, but didn’t lose their at all (and defeated Cruz Azul on MD 3). Cruz Azul should advance.

The best birthday present would be a multi-goal Pumas victory, but that might be asking too much. Of course, if it does happen, is it a coincidence that it happens on St. Hugo’s day?

the 8th seed Pumas has been good to Cruz Azul lately, and historically. Cruz Azul got the better of Pumas during the dynastic run in the 70s. More recently, they have gotten the better of their Mexico City brethren in both the league playoffs and the Concachampions. It’ll be a tall order, but miracles do happen. A St. Hugo’s Day miracle, perhaps?