RIP Pulpo Paul


El Pulpo Paul, the omniscient octopus, the mystical mollusk, has shuffled off this mortal coil.

He became the star of South Africa 2010 this summer for correctly guessing the outcomes of all of Germany’s World Cup and the World Cup Final. At the peak of his psychic exploits, more than 600 media outlets covered his picks. CNN even broke into programming to show the Octopus determine who would win the next game.

Clearly, the futbol world had overloaded the eight-legged oracle with their queries. It proved to be too much for his three hearts. Which question sent him over the edge?

Will either America or Chivas ever win another trophy?

Can Italy ever be relevant on the world stage again?

Are the MLS playoffs going to be as unpredictable as the Mexican Liguilla?

So, should I put my money on Seattle, then?

Will the Aztex be suceesful in their move to Orlando?

Will England ever be relevant on the world stage?

Can FIFA have a scandal-free World Cup bidding process?

Will Scunthorpe United make it to the EPL?

Can anyone top Chelsea in the EPL? Will Chelsea finally break through in the Champions?

QEPD Pulpo Paul