Chicharito Brightens up a tough Weekend

Yesterday was not a good day for me. Well, actually it started Friday night.

I was in the middle of working the Texas Longhorns Women’s soccer game when I received an e-mail from my announcer, Ruben Pizarro. The “doc” had been in the hospital for the past few weeks (he missed the Texas-Nebraska game), and I expected him to be out on Thursday. His message, though, said otherwise.

He was still there, and won’t be released until early next week. He was going to miss calling another game. But that was insignificant. Did he have another complication? Infection? I couldn’t find out because I was in the middle of the game. And by the time I was done (a Texas 1-0 Victory over Okla. St., BTW), it had gotten pretty late.

He called me yesterday. Nothing had gotten worse, it was just precautionary. He would definitely be out on Monday. Relief for me (But much more for him; He’s been there for three weeks).

It was short lived, though. The Cyclones took advantage of Texas’ many mistakes and walked out of DKR with a victory. And when I got home, Pumas sleepwalked through the Volcan, giving Tigres an easy 2-0 win.

I’ve been trying for a while not to get too emotionally invested in sports. I’ll admit I feel a little a silly feeling bad after seeing two teams I follow lose. Especially when I have a dear friend laid up in the hospital. It certainly puts things in perspective for me.

As stoic as I would like to think I am, I’m not there yet. I was still in a mini funk this morning as I settled into some EPL action. Chicharito was the hero once again for Manchester United. He got his first EPL brace at the Britannia to help his team pull out a 2-1 result vs. Stoke City. The second goal came five minutes from time. Not bad for a player whose signing was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Chicharito helped get me out of my funk, and he gave Ruben something to smile about when I texted him about the young Hernandez’ deeds.

Hopefully Ruben will be out tomorrow, which would be the best news of all.