Good Luck, Chepo!

Jose Manuel “Chepo” de la Torre was named Mexico’s national team coach last night. The signing of every new coach brings the hope and promise of a new, era. Maybe this time….

Chepo will bring a different kind of energy to the Tri. He is young, dynamic, disciplined, and very capable coach who has won 3 titles in his short 5 year career. His fuse is a little short at times. When you win, that’s called passionate. When you lose, it’s called maniacal. There is little doubt he will bring order to the Tri.

The hiring brings some stability to what has been a ridiculous freakshow of “mine’s bigger.” Unfortunately, for Chepo, the chaos has not eneded, and the possibilities that vendettas, hidden agendas and general skulduggery would surface to undermine his tenure are very palpable.

In other words, if de la Torre has success, it will be in spite of FMF, not because of it.

His first game will come in February, at Lambeau Field (is that right?) against the US. Brrrrrr Green Bay!! Brrr Green Bay!! It is not confirmed, and I have actually heard it would be at the Jones Mahal in Arlington. TBD I guess.

Suerte, Chepo.