Damaged Goods

OMAHA - The rumors, this time, were actually true. Late Friday, the scuttlebutt had Victor Manuel Vucetich out of consideration for Mexico's National team manager position.

Initially he denied that he had taken his name out of the hat. But he finally confirmed what everyone had known: he was out.

He cited family issues as the main reason for removing himself off the list of candidates. If that is indeed true, then Vucetich exits this ridiculous process with his head held high. Nothing, not even dream jobs, are more important than family.

But is it a dream job?

Maybe in a perfect world. But we all know Mexican futbol management is a little less than perfect. And the way the FMF has been behaving lately, even dream jobs can be made to look a little less attractive. It is no secret that FMF makes a lot of money. But at what point will trophy motive trump profit motive?