Tenured coaches are the rarest of breeds in Mexico

Someone posted this on one of the Mexico fora this week in regard to the Tri head coaching job.

I'd like someone with more stability. Not a guy who gets sacked/resigns after every year.

Who wouldn't? But the problem is, that describes 95% of the coaches, not only in Mexico, but in quite a few other leagues as well.

This bloodlust never seems to work. Players have to adapt to a new style of play, and there are no guarantees that a certain player who may have flourished in the predecessor's regime will do the same under "the new way."

In Mexico the most tenured coach has been around for only two years, and there have already been nearly a half a dozen coaching changes this season. -- in an 18 team league, mind you.

So it would be nice for the next Tri coach to be a guy who has been around his team for a long time. And there are plenty of guys who fit that bill. But they may have coached 6-8 teams in a 10 year period.