Cruz Azul Overcomes Their Yellow Peril

Christian Gimenez' goal was the difference in Cruz Azul's win over Club America

I hear it all the time. We were the better side, we deserved a goal and we deserved to win.

Los goles no se merecen, se anotan.

Goals are scored, not deserved.

Such was the case last Sunday at the Estadio Azul. Club America had the run of play, they created more scoring chances, but….

It was Cruz Azul who got the goal and the three points. And in so doing, ridded themselves of one the 800 lb gorillas off their back: they finally, finally beat Club America.

It had been 7 years since the cementeros weren’t on the business end of the Clasico joven, and the win over their crosstown rivals puts Cruz Azul atop the table in Mexico’s apertura 2010.

The lone goals came from Christian “chaco” Gimenez. Chaco had been a terrific player for Pachuca for years and was instrumental in their recent trophy run.

Fans of the maquina celeste celebrated Chaco’s arrival last year, but the dividends were slow in coming, if they ever came it all. After only two goals Chaco was a bust, and Cruz Azul didn't even make the liguilla. Another player who couldn’t handle the pressure of a high priced transfer. Line starts over there.

This season, though, Chaco appears to be back to his old, reliable, clutch self. 2 of his goals this year were game winners. And he was the one who bagged the winner in what has been the most entertaining game of the Concachampions: the 5-4 win over Real Salt Lake. He and Javier Orozco lead the team with 6 goals apiece.

Despite Cruz Azul’s success so far, there is still another 800lb gorilla that has taken residence on the cemetero’s back. There is no question that this is a storied team and even with all their success over the years, they have not been able to add any hardware to their impressive legacy.

It’s not from lack of effort.

Cruz Azul has played in 3 league finals 2 concachampions finals since 2007 without lifting a single trophy. In fact, they haven’t added a star to their crest since 1997.

They have exorcised one demon by beating America. Will they conquer another come December?