Marrufos' Shirt Collection Getting Bigger?

No MLS season would be complete without a souvenir clip showing dozens of players screaming at former MLS "Referee of the Year" Jair Marrufo.

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The best part of course is the record number of MLS All Stars - past and present - and Hall of Famers - present and future - who are expressing, shall we say "dissatisfaction" with the caliber of the call.

Even Cobi Jones makes a brief cameo. He gets there late of course, since he was probably taking a nap or watching Boardwalk Empire but credit where it's due, he showed up.

As for the call itself, opinion seems fairly evenly split: some guys are wondering where the hell else Lewis was supposed to land, while others are certain Lewis stomped Espinoza on purpose.

It's hard to tell one way or the other.

What I can say with some level of certainty is this: whether or not Lewis stomped Espinoza on purpose, the latter deserved a good healthy stomping - and of course the red card that Marrufo failed to show him - for the ridiculous tackle that started the sequence.

Of course it would be hard to match the level of utter incompetence demonstrated by the linesman who kept the flag down on Alan Gordons' 63rd minute goal. You won't see a more clear cut, obvious offside goal in your lifetime.

I'd show you the stunning Bend It Like Beckham DFK goal, but a) two of these clips would for sure screw up the page (I think I can get away with the one) and b) that clip will go viral across the globe by 10 AM today anyway.

Besides, I have to leave Dan the opportunity to say something nice about the guy.