I have nothing

Okay, well, maybe Salt Lake was correct to be mystified by the penalty reversal...because I'm baffled by the explanation.

Video is here. At least, the FSC video that, to my eye, settled nothing. Reading lips, it does look like the AR said "I have nothing."

Okay, so, let me figure this out. Pablo and the Rapids plead with the ref to consult with the AR, who obligingly walks over, has time to gather his thoughts while the ref shoos away the Rapids trying to campaign for a reversal, tells the ref "I have nothing." Then, while the ref sets up a drop ball, the AR doesn't clarify, nor do the voices in the ref's ear.

And Paul Tamberino says it's a clear handball. I hope he's working with better camera angles than what we have, because there's nothing conclusive about the FSC video.

Well, you can see for yourself, I guess, but there is no way the camera had a better view of the play than the AR.

The moral of the story is - crowd the ref.

I hate saying this, but, this is on RSL. The ref points to the spot, then decides to chat with the assistant referee. There are only three things that the AR is going to say.

(1) "That call was a travesty of justice. For the love of all that's holy, don't give that PK."

(2) "Just wanted to say what a good call that was. You're my inspiration."

(3) "Can you believe Rachel is being such a bitch on 'Glee'?"

The odds are that the AR isn't going to say something that helps Salt Lake. Especially when Option 3 turns into Option 1 out of nowhere. The situation demands the presence of someone from RSL making sure something horrible doesn't happen. Like a PK reversal. Based on "I have nothing." A Royals player should have been there to say "Wait, what does that mean, I have nothing? What are you doing here? Why are you wasting our time, breathing our rare and precious oxygen?"

Well, maybe more diplomatic than that, but you get the idea.

Anyway, it's unbelievable that the AR didn't make his opinion a little clearer, but Tamberino seems pretty sure.

So, that's playoff position potentially changed. Unless you see the Borchers goal as restoring justice, rather than exacerbating the pain. This is why I'm focusing on this, rather than congratulating the Royals for making the next round of CONCACAF. Finishing ahead of Cruz Azul would be very impressive, but Salt Lake should have progressed from that group no matter what. Only pride was at stake. This missed call - and I still don't think it was missed, just made really badly - might have repercussions. There's gonna be a big difference between the third and fourth place teams in the West this year, after all.


I suppose I should have blogged about Carlos Salcido, but I just can't come up with a comedy angle.

That link may be not particularly safe for work, unless you work for an HIV testing company.

Actually, you know what, it's none of our business. Carlos Salcido doesn't care who YOU sleep with. Can't he have fun? Can't he live his life? Must he be judged? So he played "Guess the Gender" and won a silver medal.

Landon thought he might have fathered a child, but he didn't. Carlos Salcido thought he was cheating on his wife with a woman, but he didn't. Really, what's the difference?

Hey, at least he didn't puke, like that homophobic wimp Stephen Rea in "Crying Game." He kept focused on the task, and he didn't lose his cool. That's the sort of dedication that makes him the quality player he is. And that's how a gentleman should act when he finds out his partner is convex instead of concave. Puking and running away? That's simply rude.