Chicharito quiets Mestalla

How refreshing it is to take a moment away from the latest Mexican Telenovela, desastres y pendejadas, a charming tale of intrigue, deceit, and general dumbassery that revolves around a certain national team so that we can talk some footie.

UEFA Champions League, no less.

A quick look at yahoo's trending topics has the word Chicharito listed in the top 10. He must have done something, and it was actually on the pitch.

Hernandez' late goal finally got Manchester United's Champions League campaign going at the Mestalla. In 13 minutes of action, Chicharito hit the post and knocked in an 85th minute winner.
"We felt (chicharito's pace might be a problem for them, and it was. He's a natural finisher, and he showed that." A delighted Sir Alex said after the match.

Chicharito was elated. "I am so grateful to Sir Alex and the MUFC staff for showing confidence in me" And as always, grounded. "The important things are the three points. There are no heroes here."

Hernandez helped Manchester United win in Spain for only the 2nd time in 19 Champions League tries.

Chicharito's signing was seen cynically by some folks as a publicity stunt. It is very apparent, though, that Sir Alex loves the kid. He has gotten a lot more PT than I would have guessed at this time. His future is postively incandescent.

Remind me again why he sat on the bench for most of the games in South Africa?