Four More Years! Four More Years!

As long as everybody was in Port-of-Spain for the Womens' U17 World Cup - what a coincidence it is that so many of these FIFA-financed events end up in T&T - Jack, Chuck and freinds decided to hold themselves a "CONCACAF Extraordinary Congress".

What that means is that every CFU President gets an all expenses paid weekend at a beachfront resort, courtesy of Uncle Jack.

In return, all that's required is that they sit quietly while Jack Warner gives a speech. Not a bad deal.

And of course because of the tournament the cream of FIFA's Satraps were on hand for the occasion, including Sepp Blatter and ExCo members Franz Beckenbauer and Angel Maria Villar.

The best part? The whole thing was sponsored by the United States World Cup Bid Committee.

Is this a great country or what?

Warner made a speech outlining how, even in the current world economic crisis, CONCACAF is still rolling in money, a fact which most assuredly delighted the assembled Caribbean Football Union heads who are the ones who get to spend it.

After all, Jack's a generous guy, and all he wants in return is your vote, a point he underlined nicely when he followed his financial horn-tooting with the announcement that, contrary to speculation, he fully intends to run for re-election next year for another term at the helm of CONCACAF.

An election which is not in doubt.

A lot of people figured that, with Jack involved in running T&T, both as a cabinet minister or, as some people would have it, as the man running the country behind a puppet PM, he would step aside in favor of one or another of his lap dogs, like Horace "Captain" Burrell of Jamaica or even his son Daryan, who is now working as a FIFA development officer.

But with Chuck Blazer in the drivers' seat, running competitions, bringing in ever larger piles of loot and building more and more lavish headquarters, CONCACAF really doesn't take that much of Jacks' time.

While he had the podium Warner also took the opportunity to address FIFA Grand Poobah Sepp Blatter directly, informing him that he has "the complete support of CONCACAF and its members as he seeks reelection to FIFA's highest office."

Of course if Jack told the assembled Federation heads to cast their ballots for Lindsay Lohan or the Easter Bunny, they'd do so without a second thought. Sepp's re-election bid is off to a fine start.

Perhaps not coincidentally he followed his pledge of undying fealty to Herr Blatter by repeating his "demand" that CONCACAF be given a fourth World Cup slot.

"Our members made it very clear today that we need four places. Our region is united behind this position."

I'm sure his position was duly noted by the man who cannot be re-elected without him.