My Most Memorable Moments of the Galaxy-New York Rivalry

We've had a lot of time this week to think back on the history between the Galaxy and the Red Bulls/Metrostars. What are some of my favorite rivalry moments? Let's take a look back.

September 23, 2010. I learn that there is a rivalry between the Galaxy and the Red Bulls.

Um, I don't know if the MetroBulls even register as Galaxy rivals, or vice versa. If you want to set an LA fan's teeth on edge, you probably have to rule out San Jose, Chicago, DC United, and the Galaxy's wacky roommate. Probably Houston as well. That's not even counting Colorado, Kansas City and Dallas, who detest the Galaxy a lot more than New York would have reason to.

And the Red Bulls - you know, forget the DC United hatred. Everyone in the East really hates each other. It's not like the Galaxy are beloved by any means, but the Red Bulls don't hate the Galaxy more than anyone else. They have their own rivals.

Yeah, there were some classic moments in this series. My favorite is the Diallo game in 2002, because it was so clearly the biggest double-take result of the season. The Galaxy won a double that year, the Metrostars missed the playoffs - of course the Metros won 5-0. Even at the time, it seemed like a blooper reel.

Oh, God, and those playoffs in 2001. First of all, it was downright unpatriotic to face a New York team in October 2001. It was a first to five series as well, so a Metro blowout win early in game two, which in other years would have been decisive, meant nothing. And the final game was a nailbiting classic - if anyone had seen it. It was hot as hell that afternoon at the Rose Bowl, and Galaxy playoff games at the Rose Bowl were either poorly attended, moved to Fullerton, or both. Yeah, it was fabulous, but for Galaxy fans it was overshadowed by sticking it to the Fire in the second series. I forget how that season ended (no I don't, but, shut up).

But - well, #9 in Nate Sulat's list wasn't even a game. That pretty much says it all.

I understand why MLS is pimping the ever-loving Shi'ite out of this game - it's what the league does. And why shouldn't they? From Jorge Campos to Freddy Adu to David Beckham to Thierry Henry, this league always gets every single drop out of the hypeberry plant.

The league even got Bob Bradley to comment on this game. Turns out the Red Bulls defense needs to stop Buddle and Donovan. I know! Can you believe Sunil thought about replacing this guy?

So what if even Flavor Flav is like, "Whoa, tone it down a little"? There is nothing more delicious than golden goose pâté.

By the way, bonus points to whoever decided to sell Thierry Henry a room in Heath Ledger's old pharmacy. That's gotten way too much attention this week, and if it wasn't deliberate, it should have been. And thanks to Handy Henry for playing along. He must have known, right? This isn't, but, aren't realtors supposed to disclose that sort of thing? At least he didn't buy the Lennons' old place uptown.

I suppose there is something at stake. The Galaxy are fighting for the Supporters Shield, and the Red Bulls are hoping that the Crew continue to curdle. And sure, it's the most important game of the night, har har.

However, the standings say that Kansas City-Dallas and Salt Lake-Colorado are the really important games this weekend. And, they are actual rivalries. It's almost as if we're judging tonight's game by the celebrity of the players and the size of the media markets. I thought we were beyond such petty matters.

Okay, I should be above this sort of thing, and I do see the point - the Royals have been playing really well. But - MLS Thermometer says Salt Lake are the frontrunners for the Supporters Shield? Must be a rectal thermometer! HA HA HA HA oh, God, I'm so funny