USA Rewind, CONCACAF Train Wreck and Blonde on Blonde

The Offside Rules, as usual, has SOME REALLY GOOD STUFF up, including a not-to-be-missed photo of Rafa Marquez doing a Tim Gunn cameo.

All that's missing is Heidi.

(Why no, as a matter of fact you don't have to be a little light in the loafers to watch Project Runway. Us New Age types are beyond that kind of neanderthal attitude.)

Shawn posted part of a video that, sensitive New Age guy or not, if it doesn't hit where you live then you need to run by the Mall and see if you can get a good price on a soul, because yours has gone missing:

[ame=""]Dying Bravely Part 2[/ame] from Elite Striker on Vimeo.

It also, sadly, reminds you of the fact that 2014 is one hell of a ways off.

Sometimes, when a Head Coach is fired before the end of a season, his old team demonstrates the "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" effect.

Even if the guy wasn't particularly unpopular, the change in performance - as we've seen many times - can sometimes be dramatic.

Unfortunately, while Torontos' players may have spent the last few months trudging along like a Georgia chain gang, they apparently weren't singing "Here Comes the Sun" yesterday either.

[ame=""]YouTube - 9.15.10 CCL Highlights Salt Lake v Toronto[/ame]

The officiating of course was of the same abysmal caliber we have come to expect from the blind, incompetent feebs that CONCACAF assigns to these matches so no surprises there. An obvious handball went uncalled, a borderline offense drew red, an offside goal was allowed and a foul committed just outside the area earned a PK.

Just another day at the office for Jack Warners' refs, except that since the game featured two MLS teams the officials couldn't seem to figure out who they were supposed to screw.

In any case, TFCs' interim Head Coach Nick Dasovic was apparently hoping for the "Free At Last" effect when he abandoned Prekis' seven-men-behind-the-ball Maginot Line defense in favor of the kind of wide open attacking style everybody envisions when they refer to The Beautiful Game.

The problem, however, is that against a slick, high-powered offense that's clicking like RSL's is right now, TFC's defenders got run over like elderly raccoons on a country road. It wasn't pretty.

RSL is absolutely on fire right now, Toronto FC is lost in the woods and there were no surprises.

I guess seeing Mo and Predrag run out of town on a rail is going to have to suffice for now.

Finally, someone ought to mention that everyone's favorite helmet-haired blonde, the unbearably cute Terri Leigh, is officially gone from FSW, leaving Jeremy St. Louis a sad puppy:

"Terri refuses to let me touch her special place"

Replacing her is the girl she herself replaced, Michelle Lissel, who's been working for TFC.

There's surely no truth to the rumor that Lissel was forced out back in 2006 because of her forbidden love affair with JStL, although their on-air chemistry and occasional banter led to some tongue wagging. Possibly it was all just a cover for all those nooners with Bobby McMahon.