Has the Hex been axed?

It is a qualifying week in Europe and Africa and a FIFA week for the rest of the world. Far be it from FMF to miss an opportunity to parade its cash cow (they will be wearing a commemorative jer$ey) for these two games. So that is exactly what they will do. But instead of the Rose Bowl or Reliant, Mexico will be playing Ecuador and Colombia in Guadalajara and Monterrey. And their friendly in October will be In Ciudad Juarez.

Apparently CONCACAF is considering splitting the hex into two 4 team groups. The group winners qualify and and the second place teams will playoff for the third spot. The playoff loser will then go into another playoff against another .5 spot somewhere in the world.

Not a big fan.

It is no secret that the US and Mexico dominate the region. Only one other country, Canada, has ever won a Gold Cup. Logic suggests that Mexico and the US will be split and placed into separate groups. Why mess with a good thing? Even if it is split into two, Mexico and the US will still qualify. It is easily the most heated rivalry in North American sport (sorry hockey).

But I guess giving the other CONCACAF members a chance to qualify is the egalitarian thing to do. After all, there is nothing more exciting than seeing a fellow CONCACAF team not get blitzed in a World Cup. They need to play in the US and in Mexico just as much to get ready for what awaits them.

Right after the world cup, Justino Compean, the FMF president, made it pretty clear that his footy comprehension is lacking: “I don’t know much about football.” He said after Javier Aguirre resigned. No arguments from me.

So now this self-proclaimed football ignorant all of the sudden knows enough to know that Jonathan Dos Santos is just not good enough to play for Mexico. “Right now he is not a difference maker, because, with all due respect, there are better players than he is.”

He has a right to his opinion, and that’s fine. But why on earth would he ever single out one player about anything, particularly judging his talent, of which he admittedly has no qualifications to do so whatsoever?

But man, can he make money.

Why don’t you stick to what you are good at, Justino. I am sure Mexico will need another shirt design for 2011.