Put the roof on the sucker (give up the funk)

I've been to Pizza Hut Park twice, and it's a very underrated venue. Of course, the FC Dallas organization has historically hid their lights under bushels...maybe not deliberately.

But if they're going to schedule games in August during the day, they really should slap a little covering on the place, rather than assume every paying customer enjoys baking in the sun like lizards.

I suppose I should spare a little thought for the players, but hey, it was an exciting game! Okay, maybe it's a little early to anoint a Cup contender based on a home win over a ten-man expansion team, but this is easily the best Dallas team since Jason Kreis was around. They've still only lost twice, and if they win their game in hand, they're within seven points of the Supporters Shield lead. Which, thanks to the Galaxy hitting the wall with both fists, has officially become a race again.

And that was the only game worth mentioning Sunday.

MLS unwisely distributed this hyperactive Fire preview over the weekend, which necessitated this morning's rather defensive response to the disappointing aftermath. "Freddie Ljungberg - Adequate Replacement For Justin Mapp? The Controversy Rages" probably wasn't the reaction MLS was hoping for.

But I understand the necessity for some excitement around the Fire. I'm not entirely sure that Andrew Hauptmann was hoping for a .500 record and a nailbiting playoff race with the Colorado Rapids when Carlos de los Cobos was picked to replace Denis Hamlett. My guess is that the best way Freddie Ljungberg could sell tickets in Chicago is if he's put to work extending the Orange Line to Toyota Park, but I'm sure the Fire brain trust knows what it's doing. Hey, at least Toyota Park has a roof already.