I Take a Week Off and All This Happens

I spent last week on Hilton Head Island. While I was busy making the golf ghosts throw up a little in their mouths by exposing them to my atrocious swing, drinking copious amounts of Yuengling, and putting the finishing touches on my summer tan, Mexican futbol had one of those transcendental weeks that come around every few years.

But hey. I had all those triple bogeys and “other” to card.

And all that yummy Yuengling to drink (I am not a lush; it’s just that the good folks in Pottsville refuse to sell the stuff in Texas. So When it is available, I enjoy it. A lot).

While on my bender, Rafa Marquez put an end to all the rumors by signing with New York Red Bulls. It was an interesting choice. He had played quite well in South Africa, even in a different position. It was very clear he was on the outs with Barcelona, and he probably could have gone anywhere. Even so, it would not have been for very long, and then he would have to look for another team all over again.

Rafa also wants to keep playing for Mexico. With that young talent, I can see why. Plus, the commute from Newark is much easier than Europe, especially for an older guy.

As I was in the middle of enacting the double mulligan after pumping two in a row in the water on a vacation course corollary, Chivas went down to Chile and came away with a semi-final victory over the U de Chile. They became the second Mexican team to qualify for the Copa Libertadores final.

Chivas has always done well in the South American tournament, but they have been done in by bizarre circumstances in the past. In 2005, the team was hamstrung by the number of Chivas players who had national team duty at the Confed Cup. Last year, their opponents refused to fly to Mexico during the swine flu scare. This year, though, Chivas will be at full strength (minus one little pea, of course) and will be playing their first official match at their new Esadio Omnilife. It's going to be quite a night on Wednesday.

I was enjoying my last few minutes by the pool when Jonathan Dos Santos decided that he would rather fight for a spot on Barcelona’s senior squad than fly back to Mexico City and face most of his Barcelona teammates in the Bicentennial celebratory friendly vs. the World Champs at the Azteca. It was the right move. While most of Barça’s first team will be in Mexico, Jona will get first team minutes with the Blaugrana as they prepare for the Spanish Supercopa.

The younger Dos Santos was dealt a cruel blow earlier this year in not being included on the World Cup roster. But the kid has shown humility, maturity, and professionalism. Barcelona granted him opportunities to come to Mexico outside of FIFA dates in the past, and now he repays them by turning down a call-up (for a friendly, no less), in order to advance his club career. He’ll have plenty of opportunities to get his groove on with the Tri, but a chance to make crack one of the toughest rosters on the planet is too much to pass up.

Once I was back in Austin, licking my golf wounds and wondering when I will taste that sweet, sweet, nectar again, I managed to watch the second half of the FA Community Shield. Chicharito scored what proved to be the game winner over Chelsea. His first official goal with Manchester United. With his face.

It still counts.

I did notice the announcer say that he doesn’t expect Hernandez to score much with his head. Won’t Mr. Announcer man be pleasantly surprised then?

So that was my week. A bleary-eyed, golf infested, Yuengling soaked week of fun in the sun. It was a great week, and it was capped off with a Pumas win.

Who wants to send me some Yuengling?