Hey! Wanna ask Landon Donovan a question?

According to Wikipedia, Landon Timothy Donovan was born on March 4, 1982. So he's a Pisces.

Now you don't need to ask that question. However, if you want to ask him another question, now is sort of your chance.

Our Landon is on the cover of the next FIFA Soccer 11 game. I don't know if he's sharing a spot or not, but he shouldn't. Sharing is for Kljestans.

Anyway, Landon is making himself available again for interviews. Since I made such a buggy wreck out of the last one I did, I figure you guys deserve a shot. We get four questions. Post your suggestions in the comments. I will pick the best, or maybe just the least stupid.

Don't bother asking about Bianca. He doesn't care about YOUR relationship.

Deadline is tomorrow morning. Happy hunting.