MLS announces All-Star Team changes

Some last minute changes to the All-Star Team - Landon Donovan and Edson Buddle have been replaced by Noah Delgado and Nicolas Addlery, and Colin Clarke will coach the All-Stars instead of Bruce Arena.

I'm sure you all read variations on this joke already - I thought of it last night, but if I had tried to post last night about Puerto Rico beating the living hell out of my darling Galaxy 4-1, it would have been nothing but asterisks. The scoreline was misleading - it should have been a bigger win for the Islanders, but hopefully the three goals will be enough for them in the home leg.

So this morning I'm trying to see who was cut from the team, based on last night, but...true story. The Galaxy website won't load for me right now. Maybe Phil decided to shut down the franchise last night. Can't say as I blame him.

Wait, no such luck - it loaded after all. Anyway, here were the post-game quotes.

The last time I read Bruce Arena take responsibility for a debacle, it was after the 2006 World Cup. And in that case, the sarcasm was dripping from the page. This one - well, there's way too much truth for me to tell.

Usually I rely on Nick Green to decipher such things, but sometimes his instincts as a reporter are too good:

I wonder if it was the same beverage the Galaxy had before the game.