The Beautiful Game

December, 2009

Somewhere in Durban

Did you see the draw? Did you see the draw? Brazil and Portugal are both in Group G! They'll play right here! And guess what! I sold the car and took out a twelfth mortgage and sold Wensleydale into indentured servitude, so we could get tickets!

Can you imagine? Brazil and Portugal! Coming here! For the World Cup! Winner will decide who wins the group!

We've waited ten years for this moment, and it's come true beyond our wildest dreams! We're going to see some of the greatest players in the world! Cristiano Ronaldo! Kaka! Ronaldinho!

It won't just be pride on the line, either. Neither one of these teams will want to lose to the other - what a rivalry! What a show! And we'll get to go!

On the way home, some guy from Trinidad offered me a hundred Krugerrands for these tickets, but I told him no way! You can't put a price on memories that will last forever!

I was so worried we'd get a crappy game like Slovenia against the United States, or a total mismatch like Italy against Slovakia. But we got the jewel! This could be the best game of the tournament! In fact, this could be one of the best games in the history of the World Cup!

And we'll be there! We'll be part of history!

Six months later

...wait! Where are you going? There's...there's more game left!