Sing in me, O Muse

I didn't make it to Beau's site in time to comment, so here's my liveblog of the Slovenia game.

13th minute: My ass hurts.
42nd minute: Jesus, my ass hurts.
82nd minute: Hey, my ass feels much better.
86th minute: And now it hurts again.

The Ballad of Johannesburg

Now hear the mindless folly
Of Koman Coulibaly
The refereee from Mali
Who stole our win today.

Edu should have been "invictus"
But unless the replay tricked us
He really ********ing dicked us
We should have won today.

What a free kick! What a goal!
What a cheer from heart and soul!
But that stupid f****** a*******
Stole our points today.

Hey, ref, you ********ing ********!
******** you! ******** your whole family!
******** ******** ******** ******** God-damned ******** ********
********-eating ******** ********!
Screw you, jerk!
Bite me!
******** you and ******** your seeing-eye dog, too, you ********ing ********!

Okay, I needed to get that out of my system. I'm more relieved than anything. Although if it had been us who had botched the most dangerous score in soccer - and it clearly could have been, and could be in the future - then I might not be in such a sunshiney mood.

I'm in such a great mood that I don't feel like saying that maybe hero Michael Bradley could have done a little better on the Slovenian goals. Although I don't know for sure he was the one meant to be marking Birsa.

I don't know how I feel about his dad, either. Bad starting lineup, and whatever he told Torres to do did not happen. And the two subs at halftime trick is something I tend to pull in "Championship Manager." But they were certainly the right decisions, if belated. And either the team believes in him, each other, or else hates him so much that they pull together just to spite him - but, contrary to Paul Gardner, I don't think we can discount the importance of the coach's ability to motivate. Except, why not motivate before the game, and not halftime?

The ref may have pulled the trigger, but the US loaded the gun, handed it to him, and said "You don't have the guts to shoot me." Good thing he only winged us - but blind guys aren't such good shots anyway.

I think the ref was Uncle Ruckus from "Boondocks." His worst calls were against Findley, Altidore and Edu, but he let that fine upstanding citizen Clint Dempsey get away with the occasional elbow macaroni. Coulibaly is obviously racist against African-Americans.

Okay, fine, the US dug its own deep dark hole, even if they showed a lot of heart and poise to dig themselves out again. We can't blame the refs for the two Slovene goals, nor for the missed chances we had. Damn right it should have been 2-2 - at halftime.

This game was like "Wild Thing" by The Troggs. A timeless classic, sure, but really badly played. And with plastic horns instead of an ocarina.

Bob Ley sounded pessimistic, but I think he's way off. The US is in a great position right now. Assuming England wins both teams ahead of us in the standings will be at 4 points, and we'll have what SHOULD be our easiest game. The absolute worst-case scenario (well, assuming we win - which, come on, we should beat freaking Algeria) is a three-way tie at five points. And I'm not getting a 5-5 fireworks display vibe from a potential England-Slovenia game, I'm thinking that's a game tighter than Landon's abs.

Bottom line, if the US shows up for work on time for once, they go through. And they might not even have to face Germany as a punishment, although go figure any of these damn groups right now.