Top Twenty World Cup Goals! (Part 3)

Here's the third and final part of my list of the top twenty World Cup goals. Here's numbers 6-1!

6 Arie Haan (Netherlands v Italy 1978)

Despite the retirement of Johann Cruyff, the Dutch still managed to make the final. This goal by Haan was the one that sent them there. Watch how the ball is curling away constantly from the keeper and is still rising as it goes in. You really can't hit a ball much better than this.

[ame=""]YouTube- 1978 World Cup ARIE HAAN vs Italy[/ame]

5 Dennis Bergkamp (Netherlands v Argentina 1998)

This came from one of the las ttouches of the game. Bergkamp controls Frank De Boer's long pass perfectly, nutmegs Ayala and volley's it with the outside of his foot into the far sid eof the goal. Perfection. I've put the version with the coomentary of Jack van Gelder up, think he was happy Bergkamp scored?

[ame=""]YouTube- Dennis Bergkamp WK 1998 (Dutch commentary; Jack van Gelder)[/ame]

4 Roberto Baggio (ITALY v CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1990)

Baggio was used off the bench in this World Cup but still managed to score one of the best goals of all time. He plays a one-two with Giannini, then cuts infield, beats a man and keeps on going. The Czech defense just kept backing off and Baggio punished them in style.

[ame=""]YouTube- Roberto Baggio[/ame]

3 Saeed Al-Owairan (SAUDI ARABIA v Belgium 1994)

This goal earned Al-Owairan the nickname 'the Maradona of the Arabs'. This amazing run started in his own half, beat 4 Belgians and slotted it passed Preud'homme This helped secure Saudi Arabia's qualification into the next round. Unfortunately Al-Owairans story didn't end so well as he took advantage of his celebrity and was seen in a club with a western girl drinking during ramadan, which earned him a prison sentence and a ban from football.

[ame=""]YouTube- The best goal in World Cup 1994[/ame]

2 Diego Maradona (ARGENTINA v England 1986)

It's obviously this perfectly legitimate goal

[ame=""]YouTube- Maradona hand of god[/ame]

only joking!

The goal in question is referred to as the 'goal of the century'. Watch the initial turn Maradona does, bamboozling England's Peter Reid and after that nobody can stop him. All England fans have to say about this is 'why didn't someone foul him?' they couldn't get near him is why!

[ame=""]YouTube- Diego Armando Maradona - England vs Argentina - Mexico 1986[/ame]

1 Esteban Cambiasso (ARGENTINA v Serbia and Montenegro 2006)

This is the greatest passing move seen since the 1974 final, when the first time the Germans touched the ball was to pick it out of the net. Argentina stung 25 passes together, with almost every player involved in the move and was capped with a nice finish from Cambiasso. Serbia simply couldn't get near the ball.

[ame=""]YouTube- Argentina 25 passes goal[/ame]

Do you agree/disagree or have any ideas of your own?