Top Twenty World Cup Goals! (Part 1)

With the World Cup almost upon us, I thought it'd be fun to remind ourselves of some of the great goals that have been scored in previous World Cups. Here's my twenty favourite goals. I'll do this in 4 parts, so here's 20-14!

20) Ivor Allchurch (WALES v Hungary 1958)

Yes, Wales did make a World Cup! The only one we've been in. This was a legitimately good goal though by Allchurch. Remember, back then the ball was like a rock so to get that kind of movement really took great technique.

[ame=""]YouTube- WALES - HUNGARY 1 ROUND (play-off) WORLD CUP 1958[/ame]

19) Socrates (BRAZIL v Soviet Union 1982)

That Brazil team is regarded as the best team never to win the World Cup. This is the first of two brilliant goals in this game

[ame=""]YouTube- Socrates 1982 World Cup[/ame]

18) Tomas Rosicky (CZECH REP. v USA 2006)

What happens when you combine a poor defensive header with a talented player with time and space to move the ball onto his stronger foot and shoot? This!

[ame=""]YouTube- Tomas Rosicky Goal v U.S.A - World Cup 2006[/ame]

17) Dario Rodriguez (URUGUAY v Denmark 2002)

This is a great goal. Hitting a volley when the ball is travelling across you is a very difficult skill. A skill that when done correctly produces goals like this.

[ame=""]YouTube- Dar